A RED EXPEDITION: how to style the statement puffer

Pictured: Superdry Red Puffer (available here), N°21 Jungle-Print Playsuit and Barneys Private Label slouch boots (available here and similar here)

I admit I wasn’t a fan of the puffer coat and always thought of them as the bane of winter fashion. It wasn’t until Raf Simons started making them oversized and in red that made me consider the highly practical item a stylish one too. Since then numerous brands have hopped onto the trend and produced the puffer in various saturated tones and “avant-garde” cuts. But of course, the styling remains pivotal to making the look work, since they easily look like any average *cold* person’s coat. So here’s a quick styling guide on how to make the puffer coat a fashion statement:


For the pictured look, I focused on the proportions for a striking effect. Since most practical puffers are on the longer-side, the slouch boots (well, not really slouched here) hit right at the knee and elongate the legs. The playsuit matches the coat’s length and therefore unifies the proportions that I want to highlight. If you don’t want your scandalous knees (honestly any skin showing during winter) to be cold, tuck a pair of slim fit denim or trousers that match the colors of the rest of the outfit. If your puffer is black or a duller tone, don’t be afraid to pair it with bright items that give your look an extra pop. This way, your so-called “lame” puffer no longer has to be boring and can instead be a fashion staple.

-Matt Chu


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