Hand sewn vest by Adam Dalton Blake, skilled in wildly imaginative and colorful designs (see his work here and here)

The topic of youth always seems like a touchy subject- either we have it, but we’re frustrated with it, or we’ve lost it, but it remains a state of desire. Either way, it doesn’t encompass the sense of stability and contentment that comes with adulthood. In that respect, youth is almost always temporary, perhaps due to its nature of becoming rather than being. But what about the becoming that makes it so desirable? Let’s take a quick short study:

From the most literal to the most abstract, here are a couple things youth’s transformations could be:

  1. Growing taller and bigger
  2. Sprouting pubic hair
  3. Being adventurous and up and down and everywhere
  4. Learning to overuse cuss words
  5. Rebelling against parents
  6. Experiencing independence
  7. Discovering talents
  8. Syncing with one’s emotions
  9. Learning love.

Maybe youth is not that different from adulthood, since many grownups haven’t experienced some of these processes. And unless one wants to experience growing pubic hair all over again, youth might not be so attractive after all. Instead, it’s the mentality that holds an eternal truth most can’t deny: youthfulness, an invigorating concept that empowers and inspires the mind & body.

-Matt Chu.

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