When end of the year is around the corner, I always get nostalgic and start reflecting on all the moments and experiences that flashed by me. Sometimes it feels surreal that we’re essentially the same people, yet time has managed to mold so many external events such that things will never be the same. So midst of this growing-up process, perhaps it’s only sane of us to relive some of those childhood moments and make dreaming a reality.



The moment I stepped onto Fifth Av. with my neon pink Super Bubble, it’s as if everything around me became irrelevant. What mattered was blowing the maximum amount of bubbles I possibly could. The traffic, the people and the glaring sun were only stage sets to my child-like play. And while I thought I would feel embarrassed, the beauty of not having to be someone for anyone dissolved all barriers of social consciousness.


And perhaps that is what we need more of; less pretense and more play. To make growing up less about “the dark reality” and more about a shift of how we do things, while maintaining the same youthful mentality. I can’t discredit the emotional baggages each of us carry, yet the less we see it as problematic, and the more we live according to our hopes, the brighter the days ahead of us are.

-Matt Chu

PC: Robin Zhao

Geo- Shirt: REISS

Vest: Raf Simons

Bomber: Scotch and Soda

Denim: Paige Denim

Loafers: GUCCI

Visors: & other stories

Ring: Peter Pilotto for Swarvoski

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