CONTEMPORARY REGALS: Capes All Day, Everyday


If you’re tired of your heavy-duty coats already, it’s time to change it up with capes that will make you look like a magical wizard. Although they’re just big pieces of fabric draping over your shoulder, there’s something luring about the way they conceal our bodies that makes less, indeed more. So here’s to dressing like a medieval royal, living in the modern times.



They’re not made just for fancy parties when you need to protect your gowns or suits; they’re also meant for everyday wear, when you feel like bringing out the magic in life. You know, walking down the streets and feeling the motion of the cape wield magic wherever you go. It’s almost as if the cloak makes you a mystical creature.



Finally, you have the chance to relive your childhood dreams and make wizardry a possibility. Except you’ll look even more prestigious this time round and enamor those you pass by. So get out there and start making this coming winter a magical wonderland.

-Matt Chu

PC: Jordan Ji

Denim Cape: Vanessa Seward

Pussy-bow Blouse: Pink Tartan

Denim: Burberry

Mocassins: GUCCI


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