DAY TRIP: Magazzino Italian Art

If you’re an art junkie and think you’ve done and seen it all in the tri-state area, here’s something for you. I recently made a trip to Magazzino Italian Art, a new contemporary art museum in Cold Springs, that houses works of Pier Paolo Calzolari, Michelangelo Pistoletto and more. While it’s not as large as Storm King Art Center or Dia:Beacon, I see it as a nice addition to the upstate art experience, because who can’t say no to more contemporary art? See some of my snapshots below:

As the name “Magazzino” implies (warehouse in Italian), the architecture features high ceilings and a rectangular format that almost match the artworks. And since it’s located in upstate New York, there’s the comfort of space that sometimes lack in Chelsea Galleries. The central courtyard illuminates LA-like sunlight to all corners of the galleries, once again heightening the sense of space. So whether or not you’re into each artist’s works, just making your way through Quismondo’s careful planning is extremely pleasant and a nice break from the usual city hustle.


-Matt Chu


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