GRADUATION 2017: To bright, bright futures

Pictured at Washington Square Park in a See by Chloe blouse 

Graduation seasons is the perfect time to be cliché and get away with it. You know, be true to yourself, fight for your passions,  be resilient and the list goes on and on. With so much advice from so many well established individuals, it’s easy to wonder what really matters. And while most focus on specific character traits, the overarching theme is simply be open-minded. That’s it. When you are emotionally in-sync with yourself and are receptive of new experiences, you naturally make the most of who you are, the opportunities and even the “failures”. I personally found this to be the most helpful in my past four years at NYU Stern, since it allowed me to break past group think, build my own path and overcome those inevitable roadblocks. Being open-minded opens doors to the futures we often narrow and beat down; yes, knowing what comes next helps, but only with open minds and hearts, do we fully embrace the bright futures and possibilities ahead of us.

-Matt Chu

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