Pictured: Vionnet pleated blouse (similar here and here), & Other Stories wide leg trousers (similar here and here) and large Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Tote (here and here)

Recently, I started this thing called work. It’s one of those things that makes me wonder whether more complacency in this world could make us stress less and stay less hours in the office. Despite the many many internships I’ve done, the adjustment from being a full-time student hasn’t exactly been easy. There’s that repetitive schedule that limits my freedom to take a nap (I’m like a cat), take photos in empty settings or even go to the doctor. And within such set hours and days, I finally experienced the infamous millennial phrase called Hump Day, the day that makes you look forward to the weekend just a little more.


I’ve also realized why Americans spend so much money on vacation- not just because they’ve traditionally been bad with saving, but also because they work too hard and therefore have to escape harder. So all that wanderlust on Instagram makes just a bit more sense. Of course, work also has its benefits, like forcing me to have a healthier sleeping schedule and meeting people outside of my comfort zone. And while constructing work timeframes and places seem somewhat artificial, they do provide us a reason to not do bad things if we had too much free time and too little money (no, there’s no way we’re reverting back to a barter system). But until I feel that we forsake naps for big purposeful changes, you’ll find me on Google flights clicking away, while wondering when bots will finally take over more tasks, so we can live our lives fuller.

-Matt Chu

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