LIFE’S A BLAST: Not a B****

Pictured: Printed shirts by Robert Graham (available here)

We all know the saying, life’s a b**** (or beach, if you’re kind of punny), all too well. What if we replaced that dog-word with another one that also starts with a b? There’s beauty, bliss and blast. Ah, blast- an adventure that’s filled with moments of thrill and surprises. Done. Life’s a blast is the next b****. It’s these simple shifts in our language choices that influence those around us tremendously, including ourselves. I realized over the past few years that speaking positively, makes the heart/mind internalize it and forces you to become what you put out in this world. 

pictured: a blast indeed

And that also translates to the visual language I use when it comes to creativity. Every artist expresses themselves differently, and as I’ve developed a brighter outlook on life, creativity comes in the forms of fun, wit and romanticism. They uplift and inspire, elements I find incredibly important in our negative news-driven society. And I hope that by making such subtle adjustments to your language choice, you can transform what matters to you the most, and finally, make life a blast.

-Matt Chu

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