LUNCH BREAK CHATS: Patrick Church talks Art, Love and More

Pictured: Patrick Church in his studio wearing hand-painted sweat shirt

Tell me about how you got started 

As a child I was always making things.  Initially I wanted to be a fashion designer; however when I started high school I became really interested in art, especially painting. My high school teacher took me under her wing and really helped me build my knowledge of art and art history. She introduced me to artists that still inspire me now. The rest is really a journey, spiritually, emotionally and creatively. 

Who and what are your sources of inspiration? 

My husband is my biggest inspiration. None of this would be possible without him and my love for him, which fuels my creative process every day. He makes me feel free and alive; he believes in me like no one else believes in me.

Unlike conventional fine arts, garments are your canvases, do you have a process for selecting those pieces? 

I start a collection by thinking of an emotion or feeling I want to evoke and then look for pieces that will help convey that idea the best way. My brain goes a million miles an hour and I am always having new ideas. I am always thinking of the next thing.

Pictured: hand-painted leather totes, unreleased artworks and custom garment tag

Your art evokes camp, sensuality and humor, is there a message you hope to convey?

That you should never be afraid to have fun and express yourself, and allow yourself to be vulnerable. 

What does creativity mean to you?

Feeling excited, free and empowered. 

Has living in New York shaped how you developed as an artist?

It has made me look at everything in a different way, words can’t even explain

Scrolling through your Instagram, you’ve almost become the face for your own brand and it’s quite empowering to see you channel gender-fluid fashion so confidently. Do you see the genderless fashion movement becoming more mainstream over time?

Yes, I was having this conversation yesterday. People should be able express themselves through fashion without fear, judgement or labels.It should have always been mainstream. 

You’ve done exciting collaborations recently with Opening Ceremony, what can we expect next from you?

I am working on my new collection and an art show happening in Manhattan in September.

Quick Fire Questions:

Favorite Pop Star? Gwen Stefani

Greatest artist of all time? Lucien Freud

New or vintage? Vintage

Denim or Leather? Leather

Night out or night in? Night in

Clothes on or clothes off? Clothes off, always!

For more of Patrick’s art and hand-painted pieces, check out his website.

-Matt Chu


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