MADRID: Electric Metropolis

Pictured: Missoni Patchwork cardigan, Dolce & Gabbana printed 3/4 trousers. By Plaza Mayor, Madrid.

Madrid isn’t the most picturesque city, but the passion of the people really sets it apart. The streets are filled with vibrant banters (excluding siesta hours), whether you’re in central locations or any other small alley. People really put zest into what they say and as an American who’s used to small talk, I could really feel the difference in energy – a “How are you” warrants a reflective response, versus the typical “good” or “fine” that are more or less automated.


Like the people, the artists represented in some of the museums I’ve immensely enjoyed visiting, namely Museo del Prado and Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, are of true characters and strong personalities. Miró, a long-time favorite of mine, speaks of magical surrealism, while Dalí depicts eccentric, dystopian universes that forces the eye to take another good look. Parque de El Retiro, the Central Park equivalent and walking distance from all the major museums, is a temporary escape from the urban landscape in theory, yet a quick trip there greets you with the ongoing festivities of the people. And that spirit of the electric metropolis carries over deep into the night, as my friend and I wait for dinner to serve at 8pm, only the very beginning of many locals’ fervent nights.


Pictured: Missoni embroidered jacket, Theory culottes. Somewhere near Thyssen-Bornemisza museum, Madrid.

-Matt Chu



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