OH BOY: CHANEL is indeed for Boys and Men

Ever since Chanel released the Boy Bag, it got me thinking: “Oh Boy, why isn’t there more Chanel made for men?” After all, if there’s one thing a woman would save during a fire, it’d be the special purse she collected- forget the loved ones and special someone (OK, kind of an exaggeration here). So why not make that a cult amongst men too? Here’s to breaking stereotypes and indeed making the Boy Bag for Boys.  

I admit only had the chance to wear one because of my mom. Even then, she resisted for a while, claiming that Chanel bags, especially the red shiny one pictured, are too feminine for men. After visually demonstrating that it goes perfectly with my outfit and the photoshoot location (without getting into the whole gender fluidity thing), she handed over the bag and wala. And I have to say, I get it ladies: there’s something about a Chanel bag that’s so delicate and photogenic. Enough for me to go violating my mom’s wardrobe again and owning it as a guy. Not convinced? Go to a Chanel boutique, see it for yourself and start saving up, boys.

-Matt Chu

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