When I started this blog three years ago, the idea of having a sizable social audience felt impossible given the saturated blogging market. Well here I am, 374 Insta posts, 183 outfits later, standing at 100K!! It hasn’t always been easy to keep up, since I still work full-time in corporate America, but the creative fulfillment I’ve derived from ensembling outfits, ideating shoots and producing them has been a highlight of a life time. After two years in the corporate life, I’ve realized how rare it is have a hobby that fuels your passion and has a larger purpose, so I’m incredibly grateful for that.

Larger than myself, this milestone is an important testament to the movement that is true to my heart: genderless fashion. Had there not been a market for it, my blog probably would have never taken off. But in our increasingly accepting society, it’s shown again and again that people aspire to see people dress for themselves. No gender norms and no insecurity that many times cause fashion to be dull. For me, that means wearing a dress if I think it’s pretty, regardless of whether it flatters me or whether most people think dresses are for women only. Those are incredibly empowering moments that I want to continue to embody; to visually mold our perceptions of gender and identity for our society to become even more accepting and inclusive.

Of course, all of my accomplishments are only possible because of supporters like you and my family and friends who spend time engaging with my posts and help my vision come true. Nothing’s ever a one-man show, and in my case, my close friends (pictured above) and my family have shown so much patience in helping me take photos and providing constructive feedback. Without you and them believing in me, I would not have as much perseverance in maintaining this high maintenance hobby. So on this special milestone, I wanted to thank you for allowing me to do what I do and hope that you stick around for years more worth of beautiful content.


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