POWER STRIPES: How to Mix-N-Match Prints and Stripes


Prints and stripes can be fun to wear, but many of us avoid them because they can be difficult to style and let’s be real, we’re scared of people thinking we only have that one shirt. Instead of avoiding them altogether, why not put them all together and make a powerful statement? So here’s a starting guide for how to Mix-n-Match your prints and stripes successfully:



1. Match First

Look for commonalities amongst your prints, namely color and pattern. Chances are if the colors match or the patterns are very similar, the overall look will be unified and pleasing to the eye. In my look above, the striped T-shirt almost has the same width of stripes as the trousers.

2. Then Mix

Although matching can be pleasing for the eye, it’s usually not the most interesting. So don’t be afraid to bring on that Spirit-Week-Clash-Day mentality and make funky combinations. Just be sure to look in the mirror from far to evaluate the overall look.

3. Try again, but crazier this time

It usually takes multiple times for a full-printed and striped look to feel right, so don’t be afraid to piece the most outrageous patterns together. After all, you never know what you’ll get and this is exactly how I styled my look as well.

4. Have fun!

Even if you don’t come up with something you like, you’ve at least learned how to work with your clothes and even better, had fun while at it. That’s a big part of fashion, isn’t it?


-Matt Chu

PC: Catherine Chou

T-Shirt: Topman

Shirt: Marni

Trousers: ZARA

Sneakers: Barneys

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