SCULPTURE WATCHING: Art Lovers’ Playground at Storm King Art Center

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It’s not really summer until you visit Storm King Art Center, my version of the beach. With access to sunny weather and impressive sculptures, the park is a modern update to traditionally indoor museums. Filled with acclaimed artists’ works such as Calder and Noguchi, the roster is only the beginning of an imaginative and breathtaking experience. 
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Unlike cityscape sculptors, they stand out prominently against the organic and ever-changing environment. However, with their overwhelming presences, they impose a static quality to the park that feels primitive and even time stopping. Combined with futuristic motifs reflective of 20th century artworks, time feels like a blend of the future and the past. The present is only a matter of visitors living the majestic landscape.

matt chu picchu storm king 1

matt chu picchu storm king 3

Static they may be, watching the stillness evokes sentiments resonant of empty school playgrounds. There’s something inherently lonely about the space that invites visitors closer to each piece. Snap a photo here and there, the liveliness rejoices and makes the sculptors welcoming creatures. It’s only a matter of time when 5:30 PM approaches and you have to say farewell to the art giants who go to sleep and recharge for the days and years ahead.

-Matt Chu

PC: Nat Chun

Sleeveless Vest: Raf Simons

Trousers: Topman

Sandals: GEOX


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