SHOP SMART: Wear those Special Pieces Everyday

Here I wear a Simon Miller kimono (available here) and Dries Van Noten trousers (similar here) to go grocery shopping.

In the current retail scene where there are too many goddam options, we’re constantly told how to make smarter shopping decisions. And yes, most of them are practical and encourage us to buy the classics and cut the statements, an advice that’s reiterated in multiple variations. But before thinking that’s the most financially sound option, perhaps it’s worth inspecting why we wear what we wear, rather than jumping to conclusions about our “irrational” shopping habits. 

Turns out brands have done too good of a job with their marketing and set a formality to occasional dressing: avant garde for fashion week and cocktail dresses for you know, cocktail parties. These are special pieces that you “don’t” wear outside of particular social settings. What results is the practice of basics for the everyday only, when there’s really nothing wrong with wearing something precious to the grocery store or local pharmacy. After all, you’ve already made the investment because the piece resonates with you deeply, so why not wear it more? Plenty of brands do the same T’s and turtlenecks, so cut your costs with those and spend it on clothing items that will actually mean something to you. This way everyday fashion no longer has to be plain and boring.

-Matt Chu

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