STYLE LESSON: No Set Style? Perhaps the Best Style


Images via Phil Oh for NYFW 

If there’s one thing I learned from reading hours and hours of fashion, it’s realizing  fashionistas with no set styles, dress the most creatively. From artistic director Sofia Sanchez de Batek to Leandre Medine of Man Repeller, they’ve both given unsatisfying answers when asked to describe their style in a few adjectives. Although that may be frustrating for the interviewer, it’s a key ingredient for finding newness in a too-often-repeated industry.


And while we all have our subjective views of clothing, it’s another thing to be openminded about fashion choices that might not resonate with you initially. To have rules for dressing up, such as I can’t wear x type of pants or x type of tops, restricts your expression and makes it rather uninteresting (ahem, menswear). After all, how many times have you looked at Rihanna photos and just thought WOW? So rethink the phrase, “that’s just not my style” next time you go shopping and you’ll be surprised at how liberating and fun fashion can be.

-Matt Chu

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