matt chu picchu the dressed up vagabond

We live in a habits-driven world where we find comfort in repetition and familiarity. Yet something about that settlement feels unsettling ironically. Perhaps some of us are meant to be more nomadic and not constrained under the boundaries of dwellings, which we may or may not consider as home. After all, the saying, “home is where the heart is” makes any physical dimension a possible source of comfort.

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Or perhaps it just boils down to what we’re seeking and how complacent we are. The relationship between the two feels inversely connected, making the search for balance a game of tradeoffs. And maybe a fun game, especially when we indulge in escapes as temporary solutions; they don’t forgo the traditional home model and allows us to travel to places we’ve been dreaming of.

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A vagabond life carries that romantic sentiment of having no baggage and obligations. Or is it just a great escape that never ends? Either way, it defines the freest of souls and has created a set of admirers who chase the jet-set life. With so many options of places to be, perhaps the difference between travel and escapes will eventually blur to become one concept, a new form of wandering that’s instinctive to our modern ways.

-Matt Chu

PC: Steph Pan

Cape & Trousers: Topshop

Shirt: Armani Exchange

Hat: Vince

Boots: ASOS




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