THE FINAL STRETCH: Going Great Lengths

Yes, yes these pics aren’t quite winter appropriate, but what’s more fitting than stretching photos when talking about the final stretch? Pun aside, it’s that time of the year when we start scrambling for gifts, bonuses or whatever closures that matter to us. And with no doubt, 2016 has been a crazy year for a lot of us, so here’s to some extra scrambling for a new year.

It always feels like there’s so little time to do so many things, when the year should be cooling down, literally. But maybe it’s more fun to procrastinate until we start cursing ourselves for being lazy earlier. This or that, it’s the best time to remind ourselves on what we’re doing and why. Perhaps wrapping up some aspects of our lives introduces new chapters and perhaps others should just remain the same.

Either way, it always impresses me to hear people going great lengths to prepare themselves for a new year, new me kind-of thing.  It’s almost as if they’re ditching their pasts and creating new histories. I’m much more of a continuous improvement person, but to each his/ her own and if the end-of the year means putting hard stops for a better start, so be it. I wish everyone a happy holiday and a magical new beginning.

-Matt Chu

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