THE LOST COMMUTER: Traveling in Time Capsules

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The relationship between distance and time remains a hindrance we can’t seem to conquer. Only if time travel was possible would we no longer have to wait and be patient. Especially true for commuters who face the pain on a regular basis, there’s immense wishful thinking for the simpler days when urban sprawl wasn’t as rapid and relentless. But perhaps amongst the traffic lights and bus stops, there’s something to be said about the pace we navigate our lives in a fast changing world.

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When travel is long and tedious, it introduces an intermission to our acts. In our habits-driven minds, the commute might just be another routine, but there’s also an opportunity to reflect on where we’re headed and why. The cliche saying, “It’s about the journey, Not the destination” is too literal in this sense, but provides an insightful stance on the interludes. Although the car ride might not be life changing, it might also be mundane enough for us to realize whether we’re headed the right direction in our figurative paths.

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It’s almost as if the transportation becomes a capsule of time that allows us to take a step back and reevaluate. Chances are we might be right all along or completely lost and hoping somehow the mechanisms of travel will fix it. Either or, the commute becomes something we can’t alter; we can work, consume, work and consume as much as we want, but there’s a limit on the speed we can physically move from one place to another. And within such restrictions, the pause inserted into our lives is a great cue for us to slow down and find a healthy time equilibrium.

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-Matt Chu

PC: Jordan Ji

Stitch detail Shirt: Topshop

White Denim: Paige Denim

Scarf: vintage Valentino

Loafer Slip-on’s: French Connection

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