THE MINIMALIST: Off-Duty Fisherman

matt chu picchu the minimalist fisherman 3

It’s fascinating to run into people you know when they’re off-duty and not in their usual work costume. There’s a sense of emotional nakedness during the immediate encounter that makes familiar faces seem distant and unrecognizable. Such perceptual change perhaps alludes to our tendencies to only believe in what we’re used to seeing, making any sudden changes feel too acute and indigestible. 


matt chu picchu the minimalist fisherman

matt chu picchu the minimalist fisherman 6

While the mind is a complex hub that is capable of processing intricate information, it has also developed a mechanism to oversimplify and make situations easier to control. Especially under social circumstances, we have the go-to adjectives to describe ourselves, so others can fit every piece of you under such given options. And when an action seems out of character, we stop a little and realize that others, like ourselves, are multi-faceted people who don’t live by a few adjectives.

matt chu picchu the minimalist fisherman 2

And that’s sort of the fun of being human; having the capacity to mold ourselves to be different people for varying audiences. While life is not necessarily a show, it presents opportunities for us to explore identities we’re curious about and propels us to grow everyday. It may be easier to be the same person for all, but there’s mystery and allure in uncovering the hidden faces we might not be aware of.

matt chu picchu the minimalist fisherman 4

-Matt Chu

Fishnet Sweater: Tibi

Jogger Trousers: ZARA

Grey Knit: Come CA ISM

Loafers: French Connection


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