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You’re not really a New Yorker until you say no to going out on a Friday night. It’s somewhat of an illusion that it’s the city that never sleeps, because if you try to keep up with that, you’ll probably suffer malnutrition from eating too much $1 pizza. But if you are planning on staying out until the sun rises, why not dress so you’re still glamorous in the daylight? So here’s to some hangover chic.

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Dress in light colors so you appear pleasant and untainted by the darkness the city offers. Also consider bringing a statement jacket so you can cover up any questionable stains from the night before. And don’t forget those sunglasses, because the eyes’ souls are telling of what state you’re in.

matt chu picchu the morning after 3

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If walking around morning-productive people is too much to handle, drop by McDonalds to pick up some distractions and cheap accessories (note: I found out that they don’t sell french fries in the morning).  When you decide that the sunlight has been enough, go back home, strip yourself of the pretense, and do it all over again when Saturday night comes around.

-Matt Chu

Bomber: T by Alexander Wang

Denim: Paige Denim

Sneakers: Comme des Garçons Shirt

Clutch: Maison Margiela

PC: Jordan Ji

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