URBAN OASIS: A Floral Retreat

matt chu picchu urban oasis in midtown 2

Julia Roberts used one word to describe New York City in Eat, Pray Love: ambition. And that one adjective has become a reality ever since I’ve moved to the city three years ago. From scrambling between school to internship to social gatherings, my schedule rarely has a moment of blank space. And as ambition gets in the way of down time, there is little to no time for urban escapes. That’s exactly how I’ve learned to find an oasis amongst all the frenzy the city encapsulates. matt chu picchu urban oasis in midtown 4

matt chu picchu urban oasis in midtown 5

In some sense, being accustomed to the craziness fosters a soothing tempo in itself. It might be a different tempo than what I was used to, but it’s a new melody that I sing to everyday. And as time becomes more sacred than ever, learning to be present in the moment has allowed me to find peace in all the discords surrounding me. It has calibrated my inner dynamics to navigate a crazy world in a balladic manner.

matt chu picchu urban oasis in midtown

And for me, this outfit illustrates that essence. The florals-on-florals embody a sense of serenity I carry around wherever I go. It blends into the city scape harmoniously, yet stands out with the pristine prints. Paired with Greek-inspired sandals, the look evokes a vacation-like vibe even amongst the hustle and bustle. It’s a metaphorical floral retreat I’ve learned to develop from day to day, even under the most adverse situations.

-Matt Chu

Look Featured on NYU.Fashion

Butterfly Shirt: ZARA

Floral Trousers: ZARA

Sandals: ASOS

Belt: Givenchy

Sunglasses: Spitfire

PC: Jordan Ji


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