Why Men can Wear Women’s Clothes and Look Great in Them

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Growing up, I’d never thought I could wear women’s clothes. I thought women’s fashion was meant to be feminine, and men’s masculine; breaking the dress code meant being less of a guy than I already was. Not so true anymore. In fact, people often compliment on my outfits and are surprised when they hear some pieces are women’s.

It started with the photo shoot above. I wanted to wear medium-wash jeans to fit the grungy theme I was going for, but realized I left them abroad. I ended up wearing my mom’s jeans for last resort and they turned out to be a better fit, and a more comfortable wear. Of course, this was only possible because I’m the same height as my mom, but it opened up a wardrobe of opportunities I never considered.


Overtime, I became more aware of additional benefits in wearing women’s fashion and here’s a few for your consideration:

  1. If you’re shorter like me, women’s sizing fits our proportions better and won’t make you look like you’re wearing your dad’s clothes. They’ll also make you look taller too.
  2. The cut of women’s clothes is generally more fitted and can spare you from the baggy look.
  3. You’ll get access to more styles than men’s fashion. You no longer have to wear the same plaid shirt three times a week.
  4. 2015 was the year for genderless high fashion. From Gucci to J.W Anderson, the lines between men’s and women’s fashion are becoming more blurred. So you don’t have to worry about looking too feminine if you select carefully.
  5. Most accessories (bags, scarves, etc..) are made for everyone. Your head is probably not significantly different from women’s, so go ahead with that cute beanie you saw while shopping with your female friend(s).
  6. You can save money. Because women’s fashion cycles faster and has more brands, the pricing is generally lower. So womenswear is a great option if you’re looking to dig up great styles for cheaper prices.
  7. You’ll feel great. People don’t waste time thinking if you’re wearing women’s clothes. Chances are you bought it because it looks great on you, and people will think so too.

So stop worrying about men’s fashion stigmas and explore your options. Your wardrobe and even your wallet will thank you in the long run.

-Matt Chu


Leather Jacket & Gloves: Coach 

Scarf: Vintage Hermes 

Jeans: ck Jeans (mom’s)

V-neck T: Calvin Klein

Oxford: Vintage

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